International Procurement 

International Procurement 

Our extensive experience working with international supply chains in China provides direct access to overseas procurement and project management. These industry-leading management teams provide local knowledge and local language to support the delivery of quality outcomes for your projects.

The close relationships with our manufacturers, spanning 25 years, mean the world to us. The mutual trust we have built over time provides the stability and confidence to support all projects; from the smallest to the largest, the short-term to long-term, and everything in between.

Our time-proven approach to international procurement minimises the risks involved in your initial step-out projects overseas, helping deliver substantial cost savings upfront — always with our ongoing support.

Founding members of the international Container Owners Association and current member and Chairman of the Standards Australia Committee ME-068 for cargo containers provide the design experience and support to meet the highest standards of international procurement.

What We Do

The Team at RJKM will take care of your business’s every need:

  • Buyer’s Agent Representation
  • Design Management
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Ongoing Quality Control

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