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About Us

RJKM is a proud South Australian business with 30 years of transport industry experience committed to working with our clients at reaching clear outcomes for their business. Specializing in overseas procurement and project management from design to the final delivery.

We are that independent advice that can act as a buyer advocate to get you that clear transparent picture for your procurement of equipment. Being independent allows us to source many independent quotes for assessment to meet your specific requirements.

International Procurement
Product Development
Project Management
About Richard

International Procurement

With our extensive experience working with international supply chains in China provides that direct access to overseas procurement and project management.

Our approach will de-risk your initial step out projects overseas delivering substantial cost savings upfront with ongoing support.

Manufacturing relationships spanning 25 years provides the stability and confidence to support the smallest of projects to the largest of projects over multiple years.

Our access to quality management teams with local knowledge and language helps support the delivery of quality outcomes projects.

Founding members of the international Container Owners Association and current member and Chairman of the Standards Australia Committee ME-068 for cargo containers provides the design experience and support to meet the highest standards.


  • Buyer’s Agent
  • Design management
  • Contract negotiation
  • Quality Control

Product Development

RJKM team has proven experience in taking an idea from a concept to full commercialization.

Idea generation in most businesses teams is easy but taking those ideas and forming a good commercial product is difficult.

With the next step being even more difficult is take that product to its full commercialization.

It takes a very balanced approach reviewing the product its market which is sometimes difficult when it is your idea.

With proven experience in product development bringing over 50 new product designs to the market and full commercialization over the last 25 years.

Our team understand the pitfalls to work with you providing the support needed to guide you down the track to full commercialization success.


  • Concept Design
  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Development
  • Launch
  • Ongoing review

Project Management

The team at RJKM have over 30 years of “hands on” experience in managing a portfolio of projects both large and small. These projects include multi-million dollar infrastructure construction, large scale equipment manufacture in China, New Product development through prototyping, IT system integrations, business change management and on-boarding of new business acquisitions.

At RJKM, we understand that successful Project management involves an ability to manage complex personal relationships as well as Time and Costs. This often requires experienced and dedicated resources that are not always available within businesses that are fully engaged with their daily operations.

The capacity to undertake and successfully execute project activities is vitally important to growing businesses. Our experience tells us that even strong management teams need to be able to access experienced and cost-effective project management support, to seize the opportunity and deliver successful project outcomes.

We have worked across the many facets of Project management and could assist your next project through;

Scoping and Project Definition
Project Scheduling
Project Resource Management
Monitoring and Reporting
Assessing Project Risks
Project Estimating
Project Cost control
Reviewing Project Outcomes

About Richard

Richard Sykes has acquired more than 30 years’ experience in the Australian transport industry. He built his career on the strong foundations of loading and driving trucks, before applying his vision and innovation to managing various transport and furniture removal companies, with great success. Richard co-founded the SCF Group in April 1992, with the company growing to become one of Australia’s leading suppliers of specialised container equipment and setting new industry standards in container innovation.

Richard has maintained an interest in new product development. He has championed the design of numerous new transport related product types over the past 25 years, with many of these innovative products becoming industry standards. These products have resulted in greatly improved logistic cycles with lower maintenance and repair costs to clients.

Much of this development has been achieved through close partnerships with Chinese manufacturers to produce innovative, quality products at affordable prices. He has spent 25 years building the relationships and skill base required to effectively manage the transition from new product concept, to initial prototype phase and then through to full scale commercial manufacture.

During his tenure as CEO of the SCF Group, Richard led teams through major M&A activities, Due Diligence processes and consulted closely with some of the largest transport operators in Australia to deliver outstanding logistics and performance outcomes.

Richard is the founder of RJKM and he believes that the business is uniquely placed to support our clients through a broad range of growth activities. Even the best management teams can benefit from engaging targeted support resources that can accelerate outcomes and transfer valuable knowledge.

m: +61 455 925 558


RJKM is a proud supporter of the community being involved with West Adelaide Football Club Junior Football here in South Australia. We like to support local and have a strong relationship with West Adelaide. West Adelaide has a strong community with junior football and we proudly support the Centre of Excellence at developing their young footballers.

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